5 Fonts to use instead of Comic Sans

Recently, I subscribed to a nonprofit’s email newsletter. It’s a weekly digest meant to highlight upcoming events and convey a large amount of information to the local community.

The problem? The content is set in Comic Sans. All of it. Yes, even full paragraphs of body text.

Now, I’m 99.9% positive that the justification behind this font selection was something along the lines of, “We want our emails to look fun to catch the reader’s attention.”

Fun. Comic Sans is not fun. Its lines are shaky and lack confidence and its letterspacing is amateur at best. It’s the Velveeta of graphic design: cheap and easy.

Additionally, if everything is designed to catch a viewer’s attention–like setting an entire email in one type style–the irony is, nothing will catch their attention. A reader is very likely to be visually overwhelmed and quickly click away.

But that desire to appear fun is completely legit. So what else is there? Here I recommend a few stylish alternatives. Remember, a little goes a long way, so be sure to use these sparingly, and choose a clean, simple, easily legible font for body text.


Option 1: Buttered Toast
Informal and quirky, and only $15!


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Option 2: Aracne
Includes a few different weights and styles, including italic.


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Option 3: Hand of Sean Pro
Features substitutes for repeating characters, for a more natural appearance.


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Option 4: Cheat Sheet
Remarkably legible handwriting style.


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Option 5: Harimau
Adorable, with a children’s storybook vibe.


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